Mounting Instructions

very easy to mount!

Tools Needed

- Stud Finder
- Drill with a 5/16” Wood Drill Bit
- 3/8” x 2 1/2” Lag Bolt with Washer (Included)
- 9/16” Socket or Wrench
- Level
- 3” Wood Screws (Alternate Mounting)

Standard Mounting (Wall Studs On 16” Centers)

- Select desired location
- Locate center of stud with a stud finder that will match up with center hole on the Rough Rack. (For smaller racks begin on outside)
- Drill pilot hole with a 5/16” drill bit.
- Line up center hole on rack and attach with 3/8” X 2 1/2” long lag bolt and washer. (Do not tighten all the way)
- Hold level on top of Rough Rack, when level drill corresponding holes and secure all bolts tightly.

Alternate Mounting (Wall Studs not on 16”Centers / Studs or Desired Location)

- Measure and cut a 2X6” piece of lumber to at least the same length as the Rough Rack. (If hanging multiple Rough Racks in a row you may want one long piece of lumber to hang all Rough Racks uniformly)
- Select desired location
- Locate studs in wall with a stud finder.
- Using a level, attach 2X6” lumber to studs with minimum 3” long wood screws using a minimum of 2 screws per stud.
- After lumber is securely mounted to wall hold Rough Rack in desired location and using mounting holes on Rough Rack as a guide drill hole with a 5/16” drill bit. Be sure top of Rough Rack is flush with top of 2X6” lumber. This will ensure more stability and also ensure you are level.
- Attach with 3/8” X 2 1/2”long lag bolt and washer. (Do not tighten all the way)
- Drill corresponding holes and secure all bolts tightly

Mounting Tips

- Find center of stud for the first hole you choose to drill; giving you the best chance of hitting center on the next studs.
- Often studs are not perfectly on 16” centers. While drilling you may need to angle drill bit to ensure you're drilling deep into lumber and not on the edge of a stud.
- When attaching lag bolts into angled drill holes the hex head of the lag bolt may not sit perfectly flush on Rough Rack. As long as the bolt is properly seated into wood and is sufficiently tight you should be fine.
- Do not over tighten lag bolts in wood. This may cause the bolt to strip out the hole and not hold Rough Rack securely.